Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions at Justin Trails Resort the premier Wisconsin Barn Wedding location
Frequently Asked Questions at Justin Trails Resort the premier Wisconsin Barn Wedding location

Barn Wedding Questions

How many guests does the Elegant Barn hold?
On the upper level, the barn holds up to 150 guests seated at tables and chairs.  After dinner, tables and chairs may be removed to open up an area to dance. Bathrooms are heated and cooled.

Is there dancing space?
Yes, the entire second floor on the upper level can be used as a dance floor. After dinner, tables and chairs may be removed to open up an area to dance.

May I move things around and decorate as I choose?
We allow the flexibility so you can “make it your own!” Our Elegant Barn is an open space with few decorations. We do have Mason jar lights. There are many electrical outlets around the building to meet any electrical needs you may have. You may decorate with floral tape, wire or fishing line but please no staples or nails.

When may we enter the barn to decorate?
We are happy to make arrangements with you. Generally the Elegant Barn is available on Thursday for your Saturday wedding. Sunday weddings may enter the barn at 8:00 A.M. on Sunday.

How late may we stay in the barn?
The Elegant Barn closes at 12:00 am every day. We understand you may want to spend time with your family and friends afterward and offer several fun options. We have a large bonfire area with plenty of wood. On clear nights the stars are phenomenal and you may enjoy stargazing or going for a night walk. We have 200 acres to spread out on or stay around the grounds in our many comfy outdoor seating areas. We also offer several camping areas for guests to congregate after the barn closes. It has been a huge hit to hang out together around a campfire.

Food and Beverage

Do you have enough bathrooms?
Yes, there are large, spacious bathrooms on both levels of the barn. The first level bathrooms include showers. All bathrooms are heated and cooled and were engineered to exceed Wisconsin State code. The women’s bathroom on the second level has 3 toilets and the men’s room has one toilet and two urinals.

Is the venue child-friendly?
Yes. We offer areas for children to play including interesting gardens and open grassy, hilly areas that children love to roll down. Little ones enjoy our quiet, peaceful valley filled with birds, butterflies, 3 llamas, a very friendly Siberian husky and neat things to see and explore. Our space is comfortable, relaxed and safe for children to play.

Is the building ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) compliant?
Yes, both levels are easily accessed by wheelchair.

Is there enough parking for my guests and is it complimentary?
Yes, there is enough lighted parking and parking is complimentary.

Is there heated outdoor space for our smoker friends?
There are designated areas near the Elegant Barn for smoking. 

Do you have public liability insurance?
Yes, the insurance is included in the price.

Is there a sound system?
We do not have a sound system.

Do you hold more than one wedding per day?
We will only hold one event per day.

General Questions

Who can cater our wedding?
You may choose any licensed caterer you would like. We have a list of caterers who have worked with us before and are familiar with Justin Trails Resort.

Do you provide tables and chairs?

Yes we provide deluxe padded white chairs.  Or you may upscale your tables and chairs from Resource Vintage Rental for gorgeous cherry and American walnut farm tables and benches or another rental outlet of your choice.

Do you provide table linens and table service (plates, glasses and silverware)?
We do not provide table linens or table service.

What about beer and wine?
Justin Trails Resort owns a license to sell beer and wine. If you choose to serve beer and/or wine at your wedding, we require that you purchase beer and wine from us. 

Do you charge a corking fee?
We charge a corking fee if you order a very specialzed wine.

Are there additional charges for the wait staff?
Wait staff will be provided by your caterer. We do not charge an additional fee.

What are the clean-up responsibilities for the Elegant Barn?
Justin Trails Resort staff will provide a clean venue when you arrive. We service the restrooms throughout the evening and remove garbage during your event. Your caterer is required to remove food garbage.

Is there room for the bridal party to prepare for the big entrance?
Yes, we have large, spacious bathrooms on both levels in the Elegant Barn where you can stage your entrance.

Booking Your Wedding Date & Lodging

For Saturday weddings: As part of the Justin Trails Resort wedding experience, we require that you book the whole resort Friday and Saturday for your family and friends. You’ll enjoy privacy, intimacy and plenty of room to spread out. Onsite lodging is available for 26 people. Camping is also available. Enjoy your morning together with a delicious breakfast served in The Lodge between 7:30 and 10:00 on Saturday and Sunday morning for a Saturday wedding. Weekday and Sunday weddings: Book half of the resort – we believe you’ll be happy with your decision, we’ve noticed family and friends who stay at Justin Trails Resort enjoy this special time together.

What is your payment schedule?
$1,000 to hold the Elegant Barn and grounds and the balance split evenly between three additional payments. With your deposit, we will reserve all rooms in your name. Once we reserve your rooms online, it is not possible for your guests to make their room reservations online. Therefore, two months before your wedding, each person who is paying for a room needs to call 608-567-3113 to reserve their room or rooms. Lodging fees are paid when guests check out.

What is your cancellation policy?
Couples choosing to marry at Justin Trails Resort need to be committed to their wedding plans. As a result, cancellations only need to be handled on a case by case basis.

Contact Certified Wedding Venue Owner Donna Justin at 608-567-3113 or donna@justintrails.com to book your wedding date today! Or complete our online Request for More Information form.

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